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Always be sure containers are filled with food to absorb energy and thus avoid the possibility of overheating or ignition. Avoid using plastic utensils with foods that have high fat or sugar content since these foods reach high temperatures and could melt some plastics.

Antrenandu-va corect, intelegand multe despre modul in care functioneaza corpul fiecaruia dintre voi, veti putea obtine rezultatele pe care le asteptati.

Foil containers Shallow foil containers may safely be used to reheat foods in your microwave oven providing the following rules are observed: 1.

Foil lids must not be used.

Rola conţine raze de departe infraroşu şi raze de departe infraroşu produse direct acţiona în părţi ale corpului pentru a accelera circulaţia sângelui şi stimulează celulele ţesutului şi aşa mai departe.

The foil containers must be at least two-thirds full of food. Empty containers must never be used. Foil containers should be used singly in the microwave oven and should not be allowed to touch the sides.

Electrolux Ems20402 Users Manual EMC3065X_uk_New Guidelines

If your oven has a metal turntable or cooking rack, the foil container should be placed on an upturned oven-proof plate. Foil containers should never be re-used in the microwave oven.

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If the microwave oven has been in use for 15 minutes or more, allow it to cool before using it again. The container and turntable may become hot during use, take great care when removing either from the oven.

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It is advisable to use an oven cloth or glove when doing so. Remember when using an aluminium foil container that the reheating or cooking times may be longer than you are used to, always ensure that the food is piping hot before serving.

Always remove the food to a suitable container.

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This cooking operation should never be unattended. Apples, potatoes, chicken 20 min fat burn spin, and egg yolks are examples of items that should be pierced. This could result in a sudden boil over of the hot liquid. To prevent this possibility the following steps should be taken:.

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